Reports-small-Icon This article discusses Reports technology in MicroStation CONNECT.

The information presented here is an informal guide to Reports. Its intended audience includes MicroStation administrators, MicroStation advanced users and MicroStation developers.

Search Location

By default, a Reports looks in the active DGN file. That's shown in the Search Location pane in the screenshot below …

Report Search Location

The search location is current the Active Model in the Active File. You can change the search scope to report on a different file.

Edit Report Definition

First of all, realise that you cannot change or edit a report if it's stored in a DGNLib. You must either (a) open the DGNLib so you can edit it or (b) import the report definition into your active DGN file. To import a report definition, select the report in the Reports dialog, then right-click to reveal this context menu …

Import a report definition

Choose sub-menu Save to Active File. MicroStation makes a copy of the report in your active DGN file, which you can now edit.

File Location

Now that we can edit the report definition, we can change the search location. In the screenshot below, you can see that I've changed that location from Active File to the path to a specific file. Unfortunately, the dialog is not expandable, and you can't see the full path. But take my word for it, it now points to a MicroStation cell library …

File Location

Now that the Search Location is the specified cell library, the result shows its contents …

Cell Library Report Preview

Unfortunately, there's nothing in that preview that indicates the source of the report. It would be helpful if the preview (and the CSV or Excel files you can create) showed the source.

Post questions about Reports to the Be Communities MicroStation Forum.

Example DGNLib

Design Library file ReportExamples.dgnLib contains several report definitions. It is available. More information here.