LA Solutions creates software. Our software catalogue includes applications for industry-standard computing platforms. These include Windows™, relational databases, geographic information systems (GIS), and computer-aided-design (CAD).

The databases we support include Microsoft SQL Server®, Oracle® and Microsoft Access®.

The CAD and GIS platforms we support include MicroStation®, Bentley Map™ and other products from Bentley Systems, Inc..

Products for MicroStation CONNECT

Applications for MicroStation CONNECT, Bentley Systems' 64-bit 3D CAD platform.


TagWorks™ is the collective name of a product family of annotation tools. The TagWorks family includes …

Each application defines an Item Type appropriate to its domain, and provides DGN element tagging and reporting tools.

More information about TagWorks.

RegressionAnalysis CONNECT Edition

Regression Analysis CONNECT Edition