LA Solutions provides shrink-wrapped software, project management, database development, software development, and consultancy services. We typically undertake fixed-cost contracts and deliver a working solution that meets your specification.

Our areas of expertise are listed below. More often than not, a project requires us to work in two or more of these areas …

Windows Development

We develop software for Microsoft Windows® and other platforms, typically using languages such as …

An example is JobTracker™, which provides a view of information about jobs stored in a relational database.

Extensible Markup Language (XML)

We use XML as a database or data exchange mechanism for many of our products. XSLT transforms convert XML data into elegant reports, Tooltips, and Help documents.

An example is FlexiMenu™, which uses XML to specify a hierarchical menu structure and XSLT to produce Tooltips and Help.

Our DGN2SVG convertor creates Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG is a grammar of XML used for 2D vector graphics) files from MicroStation DGN files and cell libraries. Once in SVG format, files can be imported into illustration software, such as Adobe Illustrator™.

Relational Database Design & Development

Database experience includes Oracle Enterprise Server™, Microsoft SQL Server™ and Microsoft Access™. We design and implement database schemas. For example, this can be a geographic information system (GIS) that integrates database design with maps. We also create our own products, such as MultiPlanner and JobTracker, that combine MicroStation graphics with relational data.

Document Management Systems (DMS)

We have experience of Bentley Systems' product ProjectWise™. We work with various APIs from Bentley: such as MDL™ for ProjectWise and MicroStation, and the ProjectWise API using C++.

Computer Aided Design (CAD)

We have substantial experience of Bentley Systems' products including MicroStation®, PowerDraft™, and Bentley Redline™. We work with various APIs from Bentley …

Our preferred development tools combine the MicroStationAPI or MDL with Microsoft Visual C++, yielding fast, compact applications.

An example is Level Control™ that uses XML to specify dialog items to control level display in multiple drawings.

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Map Management

As a long term Licensed Ordnance Survey Partner, we have intimate knowledge of mapping data covering 2D & 3D, topological, NTF, MasterMap™ and Address-Point™. We can write a map translator, create an address database, or build you an Intranet map server.

We have substantial experience of Bentley Systems' products including MicroStation™, Bentley Map™. Customers have used our services to extend Bentley Map to create, for example, a planning enquiry system and a mobile map manager.

We know the OS MasterMap™ translator for MicroStation and GeoGraphics V8 inside-out. That knowledge makes us unbeatable if you want advice about Ordnance Survey MasterMap Topographic, Address and Integrated Transport Network layers.

An example is MapWorks™, which takes advantage of address information stored in a GIS database to provide a simple, low-cost, map-manager and street gazetteer.